Bed Wetting Help & Advice

The first thing you should know about bed wetting is that in most instances it is considered perfectly normal and a lot of people suffer from it.   You are unconscious while sleeping, and you could be dreaming that you are stood in front of a toilet going for a wee.  You wake up, and realise it was a dream and you've actually wet the bed.   This used to happen to me as a child and even in to my early teens to be honest.   I thought I’d end up wetting the bed when I was married.  But luckily, I’m not married!    It actually stopped for me at about Age 14, pretty late by bed wetting standards.   I've never wet the bed since.   

No one really knows for sure what causes bed wetting but personally I think 8 hours a sleep is a long time to go without a wee, and that in itself could be reason enough and if you're a heavy sleeper or have a week bladder or both, this will only exacerbate things and could create a regular bed wetting problem.  Personally, as we’re all different, I think it’s quite normal by probability standards.  It’s not a big problem and you should not worry about it.   The reason I believe it occurs more in young children is because they haven't developed strong bladder control muscles yet, and they may also be heavy sleepers and big dreamers.   When you’re in a dream, it does seem like reality.   I vividly remember standing in front on a toilet in my dreams and then waking up when I was wet and realised it was just a dream and I'd actually wet the bed.

The best thing that you can do for the person suffering from bed wetting be it a child, yourself or an elderly relative is to make it so that its not a big problem or inconvenience.  If we all still lived in the Victorian times, maybe it would cause more of a problem, but luckily, someone invented washing machines and so wet bedding can easily be washed and dried and sorted out.  

It is embarrassing to wet the bed.   Especially if its not your own bed and you are staying with your friends and family.     Let them know you might have an accident and make a joke out of it.  Its the best way to go about it.   You will be a lot less embarrassed if it does happen, and it will make your life a lot easier.  It is nothing to be ashamed of, everybody is different.  Its only a bit of wee!      

One of the worst things after an accident, especially if it happens early in the night, is getting back to sleep.    Obviously you have a problem of a wet bed to deal with.  What do you do?   As a child, you wouldn't want to go to your parents’ bedroom at 3am in the morning, especially as you may be embarrassed, so you deal with it.     You need a dry layer at least.  A towel placed on top can be an effective temporary solution to a little accident.   Make sure you have a towel handy in your bedroom in case an accident does occur in the night.   As a child, you wake up anxious, embarrassed and still tired.  You just want to go back to sleep, but you have a wet bed to deal with first.    Obviously a child in the middle of the night doesn't know where fresh bed linen is, and probably couldn't make a bed if they tried anyway.   I would recommend a good thick towel, or two, that can be easily washed in the morning.  It is an easy temporary fix for the remaining sleeping hours.    In the morning you can wash everything and re-make the bed.

If it is a continual problem and is happening most nights you may want to consider making up a spare bed, so you, your child or loved one can just hop into a freshly made spare bed for the remaining sleeping hours, and sort it out the bedding in the morning.  

If its a child that's suffering and is a bit embarrassed.   Teach them how to make there own bed, and put fresh bed linens and 2 thick towels (for emergency) in there bedrooms.  Teach them how to use the washing machine if they want to learn, they may well want to deal with their own mishaps secretly doing a few loads of washing from time to time.  Make sure they know how to do this, and how to use the tumble dryer and they can do this on their own if you want to.    If you hear the washing machine going in the middle of the night, learn to ignore it.   They maybe hoping you don't hear it, because they're embarrassed.  

Obviously all parts of the bed linen can be washed, and will need to be washed especially after big accidents.     You can buy disposable bed pads and washable bed pads which are an absorbent layer (a bit like a large sanitary towel).  These can be put down at the start of the night, just in case an accident occurs.    In the middle of the night, if an accident does happen, the protector pad can simply be removed and binned and new one put down to continue sleeping in the dry.  Make sure you keep more of these in the bedroom so that they are easily accessible in the middle of the night.     We sell both Disposable Bed Pads and Washable Bed Pads here at Bed Wetting Sheets.

The main part of your bed you don't want it leaking into is the mattress.  As these can be expensive to replace and cannot be easily washed.     Mattress Cover Protectors are a great way to protect your mattress from little accidents.   They are made of plastic and therefore are 100% waterproof.   No urine will pass through the sheets into the mattress, saving you the cost of a mattress or having to sleep in a bed that continually smells of urine, because it’s soaked through the mattress on multiple occasions.   

Mattress covers are very affordable and offer great protection.    We offer 2 types of mattress protectors, the cheaper vinyl plastic fitted bed sheets which do a good job, but are made of quite thin plastic with elasticated corners.   We also offer a terry toweling mattress cover which is much better quality and a lot harder wearing and can also be machine washed at 40 Degrees.   These bed protector sheets will last a long time and if you buy two to wash one against the other, it will be a very effective way to keep your mattress fresh and dry, without too much hassle in the event of an accident.  We sell both the Plastic Fitted Mattress Covers and the Terry Toweling Mattress Protectors here at Bed Wetting Sheets.

When it comes to Mattress Protection and Bed Wetting, you just can't beat a Terry Toweling Mattress Protector.  These mattress covers offer great protection against bed wetting accidents and are very hard wearing and long lasting.   It is made up of 2 layers.  The upper side is made from 100% cotton Terry Pile.  The underside is made from 100% polyurethane, and is therefore 100% waterproof.  They are machine washable at 40 Degrees.  They are fully fitted sheets and will fit a 12" Deep Mattress.  These mattress Protectors are hotel quality standard and have elasticated corners for easy fitting.  They are available in a range of sizes:  Single, Double, King Size and Super King (Queen) Size.   We would recommend purchasing 2 mattress covers.  That way you can wash one against the other when accidents do occur.